A Lowell City Council vote faces a SCOFF

The ultimate Lowell bag job plays out …

By George DeLuca
August 24, 2017


Mayor of anti-Cawley Belvidere?

Looking out into the political weeds, you can see anti-Cawley/pro-downtown proponents gaining strength as they continue to mobilize.

The entirety of Lowell’s political establishment, minus two school committee members and five city councilors, are gearing up to turn the June 20 city council vote, bolstered by a lawsuit and a unilateral referendum designed to keep the high school out of a Lowell neighborhood.

The MSBA vote yesterday was a stunning victory indeed. This coup would not have been possible without Lowell’s ceremonial Mayor Edward Kennedy entrenched on one side of the issue and joined at the hip with the so-called “save Lowell High School” crowd, a name that drips with irony. Nor would it be possible without the support of MA Senator Donaghue and U. S. Rep. Niki Tsongas, the legal mentorship of Lowell attorney Michael Gallagher, the constituent services of MA Rep. David Nangle, and the bizarre but effective assistance of MA Rep. Cory Atkins.

In short, the deck is firmly stacked against the “Cawley Dream” and always has been since the Lowell Plan engaged a hired-gun urban planner named Jeff Speck over seven years ago to “suggest” that the current downtown site is the only suitable location for the high school.

Can the “Cawley Dream” stay alive with the overarching power of Lowell’s political establishment now crashing down in a concerted effort to overcome a legal city council vote?

Expect further shenanigans and obstructionism designed to waylay the June 20 vote before November. This is a “take-no-prisoners” initiative by a political force intent on stopping the “Cawley Dream” from happening.

Since 2010, the intent of this force has always been to keep the high school out of Belvidere. Rest assured however, that the meaning and sanctity of a Lowell City Council vote will be defined and clarified for all to see.

History is in the making. You are witnessing the culmination of the ultimate Lowell bag job!

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