New “UML Filmmakers & Multimedia Club”

February 26, 2016 (updated June 16)
George DeLuca

I’m pleased to announce that the “UML Filmmakers and Multimedia Club” was approved by the UMass Lowell Student Government Association on February 24. As founder, I’ve established the club’s initial direction as noted in its constitution, “The primary purpose of the Club is to support and promote excellence in filmmaking and multimedia throughout UMass Lowell.”

The club works by collaboration. Everyone takes on a small piece of responsibility to help keep things moving along, and, members have a forum where they can work together on projects.

A flagship goal of the club is to initiate and develop the “UMass Lowell Filmmakers Festival.” The kickoff festival and celebration is tentatively planned for the Spring 2017 semester. Initially, UML Film Fest will be open to submissions from UMass Lowell and Middlesex Community College student filmmakers and multimedia specialists. Future festivals will be open to regional colleges.

Other initiatives the club may pursue include, but are not limited to: writing, the arts, graphics, animation, photography, podcasts, website design and development … in other words, all things multimodal and multimedia.

Membership is open to all UMass Lowell students, who specify their interest by logging into their CollegiateLink account via UML Filmmakers & Multimedia Club. Check out our new poster in the Documents section.

Questions about the “UML Filmmaking & Multimedia Club” are welcome and can be forwarded via CollegiateLink or by reply to this post. Additional details will be available during the Fall 2017 semester. Look for our table at upcoming UML Club promotion events!

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