Brian Martin a “shoe in” for Lowell High School Headmaster!

Brian Martin, Lowell High School’s incoming Headmaster

Several school committee members interviewed by The Column Blog welcomed Franco’s approach, and indicated that Martin should secure the $130,000 position this time around.” Lowell Sun

Once again, kudo’s to Ted Panos for asking the tough questions. From the start of this morning’s interview on 980WCAP, he had “current” Lowell High School Superintendent Jean Franco on the ropes. Now we have our answers.

Let’s face it, Brian Martin has been effectively groomed for the crown of Lowell High School Headmaster by those who matter most politically, The Lowell Sun, The Lowell Plan and the Lowell School Committee.

So why is the Superintendent of Schools, the one who makes the hiring decision, the last to know? Well … actually she knows, she just can’t say she knows if she wants to continue to play ball in Lowell’s political big leagues. In fact, as Martin is ushered in Supt. Franco’s days as a player may also be numbered.

It’s no surprise that two candidates for the position bowed out once they did their research and found Lowell Sun articles and editorials touting (if not gushing over) the strength of Mr. Martin’s candidacy.

So how do things stack up currently?

  1. First, there’s the Lowell Sun article/blog post (see bold text above) which outlines the disposition of the School Committee, leading to an article by Sarah Favot in today’s paper.
  2. Second, there’s Lowell Sun ‘Chairman of the Board’ Kendall Wallace who selects his candidate (more gushing) in his March 23, 2013 Saturday Chat column.
  3. Third, there’s Supt. Franco’s predictable alignment with the Lowell Plan’s often misinterpreted Jeff Speck report which addresses the future of Lowell High School according to Jim Cook, with no official input from Lowell’s citizens. (980WCAP replay)

Superintendent Franco seems savvy to Lowell politics and is desperately trying to plant herself on the right side of the issues, as she goes through the motions of choosing between Brian Martin with the stellar Lowell pedigree, and, the apparently “missing in action” Saugus High School principal Joseph Diorio. “Let’s see … who shall I pick?”

So with preparations for the coronation now in place, let the celebration begin. Yes, its terrific that Brian Martin will be back in public service to the City of Lowell. However, there’s the concern that he’s firmly on board with the Lowell Plan, and he’s already stated that he wants the high school to stay downtown. I can’t think of a better way for him to solidify (or perhaps change) his opinion than as the High School’s Headmaster, and perhaps future Superintendent. Finally, the stars may be aligning.

So as the plot now thickens at the high school (and perhaps beyond), you can’t help but wonder how Supt. Franco and new Headmaster “to be” Martin will divvy up the power of running the schools. Yes, that’s right … schools in the plural.

With the School Committee rolling out the red carpet for Martin, you can’t help but consider Franco’s future as Lowell School Superintendent. Is the writing on the smart board? Make no mistake … Brian Martin still has his fast ball! Let’s see if Supt. Franco can hit, because if she can’t … Brian can.

Editor’s Note: The interviews for Lowell High School Headmaster will be held Tuesday at 5pm at the Lowell School Dept. Headquarters, Rogers School, Room 054, Highland St. Will Saugus High School principal Joseph Diorio come out of hiding for the interviews? Will Brian Martin win the position uncontested? What is former Lowell School Superintendent Chris Scott thinking right now? Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Brian Martin a “shoe in” for Lowell High School Headmaster!

  1. Concerned parent

    Is this a joke? I thought this was for a school position not a political campaign? Wouldn’t you be surprised when Diorio does show up and can answer the question better that Martin! What happens then, best qualified or politcal stooge? Fastball? No; try silver spoon!


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